How Best vastu consultant in Kolkata makes the best out of the zone of churning?

In vastu there is no such thing as a good or bad zone, assures Best vastu consultant in Kolkata again and again. But even then, lots of misinterpretation circulates among people in general who does not have access to the right information of vastu shastra. 

This gives rise to many assumptions about some specific zones that are considered to be bad entirely. For instance, the east of South East zone represents churning which is recommended for toilet placement in vastu. So, people assumes that no good can come from it. 

In today’s blog the expert Best vastu consultant in Kolkata bursts this myth. So, learn how you can get some excellent benefit by using the zone right. 

What is the feature of churning zone in vastu? 

At first you should be clear about the nature of this zone before understanding its potential to bring out the positive attributes. 

Churning is the process of repetitive circulation that is used for producing butter. Every household used to carry out the churning of butter process in their home itself, making the east of South East a rather important zone for them. But with time, we become reliable on the store purchased butter and other food and this zone become less wanted than before. So, now when people learn about the true nature of the zone of churning, they wonder what good it can do to anyone. 

Thankfully it can still be used for some other activities that eventually contribute towards a better vastu for the home and its occupants. You only need to follow certain conditions to ensure that this zone works in your favor.   

What sections can be placed in the east of South East zone as per vastu shastra? 

If you look at how a washing machine works you will find that it is similar to churning. Thus, Best vastu consultant in Kolkata permits its presence in the East of South East zone. This placement not only holds the negative energy that is released due to the cleaning process but also corrects the issues of overthinking and unnecessary churning of the mind. As a result, the individuals will be able to focus their mind on meaningful things once you get rid of useless things. 

Since this zone of churning has the potential to deal with anti-activity, you can use it for the placing both the dustbin and shoe rack. These placements effectively reduce anxiety from your mind and stops you from becoming over-analytical. In fact, it is one of the only 3 zones that are considered positive for all kinds of anti-activity, making them ideal for toilet and septic tank placement as well. 

Some people place their temple in here assuming that the divine energy from the temple will enhance the quality of the East of South East Zone after which you can use it for other purpose as well. But vastu consultant in Kolkata, strongly recommends against it. Praying in the zone of churning is not advised at all. Doing so can cause anxiety and nervousness. It will keep your mind off worshipping and spiritually. 

The dining hall is not well suited for the East of South East zone. Eating in this zone makes people over analytical over food. Such individuals often persistently criticize over food, over taste, nutrition etc. This not only makes mealtime very less enjoyable, but it also brings conflict in the family due to constant complaining. 

You should try to shift the dining table in a suitable zone. If this is not possible then use a green or brown colored table cloth over the dining table to correct this defect. 

The study table placement in the North zone is a little complicated if you want to know the full scenario. In general, the presence of the study table in the East of South East zone is forbidden. Such students will become over-analytical and tends to focus on only one subject while overlooking the rest. Needless to say, it is not going to do them any good overall. School and college students should not sit here at all. 

However, Best vastu consultant in Kolkata permits grown up students to study in here. Those who are engaged in research related studies can get benefit from here. The churning aspect of SE zone will help them stay focused on their subject matter without worrying about the distractions from outside. They will be able to get benefit out of this single-minded goal. 

In general scenario, you need to relocate the study table in a positive zone as a correction, suggests Best vastu consultant in Kolkata.

If you have a home bar then the East of South East zone is very compatible for it. By placing the bar in here, you can channel this zonal energy to tackle anxiety. You will be able to rid your mind of unwanted churning by the help of occasional drinking. It also helps in creating harmonious relationships at home and with guests. 

The storage cabinet vastu also flourish in the East of South East zone. Cluttering in the zone of churning can effectively reduce anxiety and unwanted thoughts from mind. Thus, it reduces tension and aid in gaining better control of mind in life. 

The heater or inverter should not be kept in the East of South East zone. This orientation can give rise to excessive thinking and over-analysis in the mind. Because of this, constant clashes and fights in the family can also be seen. So, it is better to shift the same in the South East zone. This lies right next to ESE and is the most potent zone for the heating element like heater or inverter. 

As you can see despite being known as a negative zone, the East of South East zone can be used in many positive ways. All you need is the guidance of the expert Best vastu consultant in Kolkata.

Contact us at Vaastu Mangaal to get complete guidance for making a perfect layout for your home. We offer various packages for home vastu. You can select the one that is useful for you and book it right away. Description- East of South East zone is unpopular in general because of its association with toilet placement. But this zone can be used in a number of positive ways as enlightened by vastu consultant in Kolkata.

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